RubyOneRose 年輕女人 - 22歲
145投票 4.5
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類別 年輕女人
性幻想 Favorite fantasies about a romantic evening on the seashore, with Schapman and fruits. And the sequel with hot sex.
年齡 22歲
頭發顏色 金發
頭發長度 中長發
眼睛顏色 藍色
身高 168 cm - 66 in
體重 61 kg - 134 lbs
三圍 67-80-89 cm - 26-31-35 in
胸部 小乳房
性向 Bisexual
性別 女人
性器官外形 剃毛
身材類型 普通
讓我興奮 Gentle words on the ear, caress neck and ears Long sex in different poses
我沒覺得興奮 Smelly and rude men, boorish and bore
喜愛的體位 I love the classic pose, doggy style, and riding a man
人種 歐洲人
使用語言  英語


Hello. My name is Rose ! Hi guys)! I think it's time to tell a little about myself)! I'll start from the beginning and briefly)) I was born in July 1996, now I am 22 .When I was 2 years old, my mother brought me to gymnastics, then to the dance) at 3 years old I started playing music, I did it throughout my life! I play the violin, the piano and the guitar a little and of course, singing, I love it. Then I studied at the art school and after the theater studio)! that's why I’m running somewhere since childhood, but I really like the crazy pace of life)! When I finished school, after studying in college (Restaurant business, Administrator). Then Universitet - Economy. this is the last year at the university for me and I want one more education! I speak three languages ??plus English (fourth).I love to learn something new and develop)!I really appreciate my time, I don’t like to waste it and spend my life with useless people! Time is something that cannot be stopped or brought back. I value honesty and soul in people. Appearance does not matter to me! Who needs a beautiful and sexy appearance without a soul? The erogenous zone is the brain) if everything is bad there, then I'm sorry ... I don’t like not happy and angry people, they annoy me and I don’t let their nose pop into my life. Just sorry for them and I can sincerely wish good luck)! At the moment I have four jobs, this is the fourth for me! I do not have free time . 3 happy per week I visit the hall and several times - English. Works: 1. I am organizing any holidays plus a complete decoration for them (balls, arches, flowers, cloth decorations) Work 2: I am a master of manicure and pedicure Work 3: I create certain documents to order Work 4: this is webcam :) it's fun for me, I like to communicate with people, I can be a psychologist or a psychotherapist LOL ... I can be very sexy, I can come up with some dreams for you) you can always talk with me on any topic and to complete - whatever I did, sooner or later I achieved success! I have a strong and purposeful harrakter)! and wish you have a nice day !! and a lot of smiles)) My dream is to make the world better and people kinder)! If you want to do so, please do not hesitate to do so)) but you must be a gentleman with me)! Hope you liked to know a little more about me)! P.S-Of course, a question of course. Of course Ruby Rose is not my real name in order to know better who it is you can read google) You can call me as you like, but in general my name is Alice)and nice to meet you * Guys, I wonder what you do, what you love and what you value) tell me about it)! I will be pleased to know) With love from Rosa *

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69式, 性玩具, 高跟, 現場高潮, 按摩, 手淫, 呻吟, 精油, 口交, 內褲, 連褲襪, 秘書, 洗浴, 腳, 打屁股, 高潮, 長筒襪, 紋身, 震動按摩器, 可縮放攝像機, 有聲聊天, 大陰莖, 美腿, 肌肉, 老男人, 鞋, 窺淫


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parisdjlover 19-9-24 下午1:25
always nice
tina9090 19-9-24 上午6:49
peter255 19-9-21 上午11:41
Teddysoft 19-9-15 下午5:36
RubyOneRose is the Paradise for a man ! ?? Beautiful body and an enchanting face ! and such sexy feet and toes ! delicious ! Perfect private show ! 5 Stars and more ! Kisses ma Chérie ! ??????????????????
tina9090 19-9-15 下午12:31
Sublime à faire et ne pas hésiter elle et parfaite merci pour se moment ruby a bientôt ;)
NICO12345678 19-9-8 下午4:56
Parfait. Merci beaucoup...
Dave_62 19-9-8 下午2:23
Tout ce qui se fait de mieux sur xlovecam
dutchy1975 19-9-8 上午10:25
tina9090 19-9-6 上午8:55
Sublime !
lester0702 19-9-6 上午7:53
Sooooooo gooooooood
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